What I am currently working on now, and how I am inspired.

I carry a notebook around with me all the time.  I find things of inspiration everywhere.  It could be a place, a conversation I over hear, smells, or colors even.  I find it everywhere, even in coffee.  I love how coffee tastes, the bitter and the mellow the sweet and creamy and the smell.  Mmmm coffee, the elixer of life especially the first thing in the morning.  I’m lucky I have a programable coffee maker and at 5:10a.m. every morning I have fresh wonderful coffee to start my day.  Here is an excerpt from my one of my projects with coffee as a focal point. 

                                                                                                                        By Synn Tryst

                                                                        Chapter 1

He’d been watching her for a week now. 

No, he wasn’t a stalker.  She had moved into his neighborhood a few weeks ago.  She stopped every morning at the local coffee shop, the same one he sat at, at an outdoor table. She got a large coffee and a raisin bagel.  He watched her walk down the sidewalk toward the coffee shop.  In the past week their eyes had met a couple times, smiles were exchanged.  Drew made it clear in his smile that he was interested in her.  He could tell she was not unaffected by him.  Each time she met his eyes, she smiled, looked down and tucked a caramel colored curl behind her ear.  As she entered the coffee shop, he noticed, more than once, her hand tremble as she opened the door.

Over the course of the week he’d gotten to “know her”.  Drew speculated that she worked in fashion by the way she dressed and the huge tote bag she hauled around, who knew what was in it.  Her makeup, fresh and light, not too dark for her fair complexion, she had a curvy body that invited hands to roam all over it.  Breasts that seemed a bit too large for her frame and her ass invited a man to caress and fondle it.  Drew felt his cock stir as he thought about her ass.  A quick glance through the coffee shop window gave him an excellent view of the ass in question.  Yes, he was an ass man for sure.  But for now, that would have to wait.  He had been watching it all week, walk away after she got her coffee, its slight wiggle as she walked away captivating him.   ***

Let me know what you think so far, yes there is more… I wouldn’t leave you hanging, well maybe for a little bit, because I’m kind of like that…;)

Happy reading


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