Where did the name Synn Tryst come from?

So just where did the name Synn Tryst come from?   Well being a writer I tend to play around with words and phrases alot.   Synn Tryst came from a word play one day when I was on Pinterst.  What I do is basically start  changing the beginning letters of a word and go through the alphabet seeing what letters work and what ones don’t.  It can be quite a fun game.  So sinterest was one of those words, with a bit of letter modification I came up with Synn Tryst.  Plus I came up with a meaning for Synn Tryst as well.

When you think of Synn Tryst, what comes to mind for a meaning.  Lets break it down, Synn or (sin), and tryst is a secret meeting between lovers, so the meaning of Synn Tryst would be a secret, sinful meeting between lovers.  So in the world of erotica romance this is a name that is perfect for a writer, or at least this writer.     That is how my alter ego came to be.   Will you become one of my Synn Tryst books lovers, I hope so, see you between the pages.

Happy Reading everyone, Synn Tryst


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