Housekeeping Time!

As I become more serious in my writing craft, there are things that I had been neglecting. Like this site. Well no more. I’m going to be posting more often and keeping things up to date, bear with me while I go through these growing pains. We’ve all been there.
At times I felt as though I was going at this alone, but have found a great group of local writers to ask questions and get the much needed kick in the pants to “just pick one”. More about that in a later post.
This whole year has been a bit trying at timesand today was no exception. While the day had started out great a little thing called the internet connection in my house stopped working. So I bundled everything in my tote and headed to the coffee shop.
Maybe now things will work in my favor.
Till next time everyone, have a great weekend. I keep checking back there will be more updates, I promise.

More musings from my drive home from work.

On my way home Saturday evening I was mulling over the plot for my trucking paranormal erotic romance novel.  This is my remake novel from 20+ years ago updated to be much more contemporary.  I added a character who I didn’t even know I was going to need. Hey where is an FBI agent suppose to buy silver bullets, there not just stocked anywhere.  

He is a gun shop owner who specializes in silver bullets as well as other silver tipped weapons, one of which is a necklace that can ensnare a werewolf, yes a necklace, and no its not a pendant they look into either.  This one is going to be pretty cool.  Lets just say that with the flick of a wrist things can happen.  Plus I’ve also come up with a character who will be painted on a truck.  So now I’m beginning to think this could end up being a series of books which is not a bad idea, continuing characters and all, but each being able to stand on its on.   Oh and working title for this book is “On Through The Night”.