A bit of flash fiction.

A group I’m in  on fb did a bit of flash fiction this last friday.  We had to pick a photo from 6 available and write a short story of only 150 words and this was mine.  I will be doing more of these in the future.  Enjoy.

Willow sat among the tangled blankets on the bed.  The beam of moonlight piercing the darkness of her room.  She wondered when he would come back to her.  Why had he been gone so long.  The creaking of her bedroom door caught her attention.  She watched it open slowly, to reveal him to her.  Her lover stood leaning against the jam, arms folded over his bare chest his long legs clad in leather pants.    Long dark hair falling over part of his face, leaving most of it in shadow.  He walked over and sat down next to her.

 “Why so sad Willow?”

“I was afraid you wouldn’t come back.” She whispered.

  Putting his arm around her and pulling her close, he placed his hand against her heart. 

“I will always be right here.”  He tells her just as his lips touch hers.   

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