A Poem, “The Dark Places”

“The Dark Places”

By Synn Tryst

She sits trying to write.  Her emotions in a huge jumble, the vulnerability she feels from all the previous wrtings well up inside to a boiling point of frustration, anger, disappointment.

She feels exposed, her insides ripped open and the deep dark places of her heart are there for him to see…  She feels as though she has striped herself bare, down to nothing.  Its all there, out in the open, the dark pieces of her heart.  WIll she survive this?  No one knows, only fate does and she can be fickle and disasterous.

The dark places of her heart, while not bad, tend to scare the hell out of her.  As she examined herself internally these feelings have come out more and more.  She can’t help it and she can’t help the Deja Vu she feels while doing this.  Its like she’s been here before, but not.

The dark places are not evil either, but they are there and she’s trying to figure out how to handle them.  Not an easy task for sure!

Now that they’re out in the open she feels as though a huge burden has been lifted, but then a new frustration has settled into her, it runs deep and its beginning to fester like an infected wound.  What will excise this festering?  Don’t know only time will tell…

Finally a peace has come over her.  All the jangling thoughts are quiet, the feelings stuffed back down and locked up, the key in her pocket.  Till the next time when the feelings begin to well up.  But to truly have inner peace someday the feelings will need to be delt with.  With a firm hand and a stern voice whispering commands in her ears, turning her on.

Her feelings wait in sublime submission waiting, waiting, waiting, for the commands from her MASTER!

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