A Poem, “The Dark Places”

“The Dark Places”

By Synn Tryst

She sits trying to write.  Her emotions in a huge jumble, the vulnerability she feels from all the previous wrtings well up inside to a boiling point of frustration, anger, disappointment.

She feels exposed, her insides ripped open and the deep dark places of her heart are there for him to see…  She feels as though she has striped herself bare, down to nothing.  Its all there, out in the open, the dark pieces of her heart.  WIll she survive this?  No one knows, only fate does and she can be fickle and disasterous.

The dark places of her heart, while not bad, tend to scare the hell out of her.  As she examined herself internally these feelings have come out more and more.  She can’t help it and she can’t help the Deja Vu she feels while doing this.  Its like she’s been here before, but not.

The dark places are not evil either, but they are there and she’s trying to figure out how to handle them.  Not an easy task for sure!

Now that they’re out in the open she feels as though a huge burden has been lifted, but then a new frustration has settled into her, it runs deep and its beginning to fester like an infected wound.  What will excise this festering?  Don’t know only time will tell…

Finally a peace has come over her.  All the jangling thoughts are quiet, the feelings stuffed back down and locked up, the key in her pocket.  Till the next time when the feelings begin to well up.  But to truly have inner peace someday the feelings will need to be delt with.  With a firm hand and a stern voice whispering commands in her ears, turning her on.

Her feelings wait in sublime submission waiting, waiting, waiting, for the commands from her MASTER!

More musings from my drive home from work.

On my way home Saturday evening I was mulling over the plot for my trucking paranormal erotic romance novel.  This is my remake novel from 20+ years ago updated to be much more contemporary.  I added a character who I didn’t even know I was going to need. Hey where is an FBI agent suppose to buy silver bullets, there not just stocked anywhere.  

He is a gun shop owner who specializes in silver bullets as well as other silver tipped weapons, one of which is a necklace that can ensnare a werewolf, yes a necklace, and no its not a pendant they look into either.  This one is going to be pretty cool.  Lets just say that with the flick of a wrist things can happen.  Plus I’ve also come up with a character who will be painted on a truck.  So now I’m beginning to think this could end up being a series of books which is not a bad idea, continuing characters and all, but each being able to stand on its on.   Oh and working title for this book is “On Through The Night”.


Musing while at my j.o.b. or my notebook got a workout last night.

During some down time last night at my regular “pay the bills” type job, (I’m a hairstylist by trade), I was thinking about a book I had started 25 years ago.  Yep that long ago.  I was at the time getting it ready for the “Golden Hearts Contest” put on by Romance Writers of America.  Well when I decided to go back to writing I pulled out all of my old material.  That was 4 weeks ago.  At that time when I was re-reading my stuff, I was appalled at how weak my writing was then.  So I shoved it all back into the box it had been stored in and shoved it under my side desk.  Fast forward to last night, I was sitting around at one point on a break when I started to think about that book.  How could I update it, could I change its genre of just contempory romance to whats popular today.  At first I didn’t think there was anything I could do with it, but then a germ of an idea hit.  Something from a few years ago that had been in the news that had kept folks on edge for sevreal years.

You see I  had set this book in the trucking industry and the main scene was a truck stop.  Different, yes.  The plot of the orginal was at best very weak.  But with last nights musings, I’m rewriting it as a paranormal/erotica romance/mystry and yes its set at a truck stop. 

The premise is:  A serial killer is on the loose in the Interstate 80 corridore.  FBI Agent Rachel Davis, from the paranormal division, is called in to help solve the multi state killing spree.  Shilo Blackburn is a trucking company owner and shpae shifting werewolf, whose drivers seem to be targeted.  The Rachel and Shilo meet at the truck stop when Shilo is on his way  to deliver the load of one of his slain drivers.  He hasn’t been on the open road for quite some time, and the fatigue is getting to him, when he stops at the truck stop in centeral Illinois., where  the site of the latest murder is and Agent Davis is there with her team. When an eyewitness sees a strange creature the night of one of the murders, the hero and heroine meet to question said witness, who suddenly ends up dead before they can talk with him.  Miles of open road lay ahead of them as they chase and track down the werewolf morphing killer. 

So as I continue work on my current project I will begin research on this project, it may be sometime before I get content of this store posted but stay tuned.  I am looking forward to the research though, its been 20 years as well having been involved in the trucking industry so alot has changed there as well.  Technology just keeps racing along at break neck speed like a Cummins Turbo Desiel engine, it amazes me how fast things change.  Why only 20 years ago as I worked at a local resort in the hospitality department, the main building burned to the ground, at the time there was a group of folks there for a small confrence only about 50 people who were discussing cell phone towers and how in 20 years they would be all over the country if not the world.  And they were right.  The company was Cellular One.


Object placement in my works.

Oh sure that sounds rather mysterious. Well for a while I am going to keep it that way. I want to see how many of my readers can figure out what object keeps coming up in every story. After the first few it won’t be hard to figure out. Lets just say its an accessory a man wears everyday, that was a hint. Some of my readers may get this right away just from this post. Thats ok. But lets keep it a secret for awhile…Shhhhhh…

What I am currently working on now, and how I am inspired.

I carry a notebook around with me all the time.  I find things of inspiration everywhere.  It could be a place, a conversation I over hear, smells, or colors even.  I find it everywhere, even in coffee.  I love how coffee tastes, the bitter and the mellow the sweet and creamy and the smell.  Mmmm coffee, the elixer of life especially the first thing in the morning.  I’m lucky I have a programable coffee maker and at 5:10a.m. every morning I have fresh wonderful coffee to start my day.  Here is an excerpt from my one of my projects with coffee as a focal point. 

                                                                                                                        By Synn Tryst

                                                                        Chapter 1

He’d been watching her for a week now. 

No, he wasn’t a stalker.  She had moved into his neighborhood a few weeks ago.  She stopped every morning at the local coffee shop, the same one he sat at, at an outdoor table. She got a large coffee and a raisin bagel.  He watched her walk down the sidewalk toward the coffee shop.  In the past week their eyes had met a couple times, smiles were exchanged.  Drew made it clear in his smile that he was interested in her.  He could tell she was not unaffected by him.  Each time she met his eyes, she smiled, looked down and tucked a caramel colored curl behind her ear.  As she entered the coffee shop, he noticed, more than once, her hand tremble as she opened the door.

Over the course of the week he’d gotten to “know her”.  Drew speculated that she worked in fashion by the way she dressed and the huge tote bag she hauled around, who knew what was in it.  Her makeup, fresh and light, not too dark for her fair complexion, she had a curvy body that invited hands to roam all over it.  Breasts that seemed a bit too large for her frame and her ass invited a man to caress and fondle it.  Drew felt his cock stir as he thought about her ass.  A quick glance through the coffee shop window gave him an excellent view of the ass in question.  Yes, he was an ass man for sure.  But for now, that would have to wait.  He had been watching it all week, walk away after she got her coffee, its slight wiggle as she walked away captivating him.   ***

Let me know what you think so far, yes there is more… I wouldn’t leave you hanging, well maybe for a little bit, because I’m kind of like that…;)

Happy reading