Musings and what I’ve been working on lately.

Seems I do more musing then writing of late.  True enough.  I do tend to mull things over in my head for awhile, its one of my coping stradegies for solving tech issues or creative writing issues. 

In the last two months I’ve been pretty busy.  I’ve got two short stories in edits,  a novella thats about a third of the way done, this was one of those technical creative writing issues I was having, just about got the whole thing worked out.  Went on a research trip that was quite fun and adventurous.  Have been getting my 2013 calendar set up with conventions I want to attend and writing courses to take, have two courses booked so far.  Attending two conventions as well might add a third if the funds are there.   Did alot more plotting on the trucking novel and have the opening scene just about finished, lets just say its a bit grusome… 

I’ve also been purchasing alot of music of late,  3 Enigma albums, Sither, Five Finger Death Punch,  and Rammstien.  I like alot of different music, especially when I drive, since I drive a lot too and from work, the music helps to formulate ideas and make plans.  Now if I just had the money for all of these plans.    Well it is time for me to get back to work and get some projects wrapped up for the year. 


More musings from my drive home from work.

On my way home Saturday evening I was mulling over the plot for my trucking paranormal erotic romance novel.  This is my remake novel from 20+ years ago updated to be much more contemporary.  I added a character who I didn’t even know I was going to need. Hey where is an FBI agent suppose to buy silver bullets, there not just stocked anywhere.  

He is a gun shop owner who specializes in silver bullets as well as other silver tipped weapons, one of which is a necklace that can ensnare a werewolf, yes a necklace, and no its not a pendant they look into either.  This one is going to be pretty cool.  Lets just say that with the flick of a wrist things can happen.  Plus I’ve also come up with a character who will be painted on a truck.  So now I’m beginning to think this could end up being a series of books which is not a bad idea, continuing characters and all, but each being able to stand on its on.   Oh and working title for this book is “On Through The Night”.