Just who is Synn Tryst your wondering, well she is me Julie Jilderda Berghammer, she is my alter ego whom I write Erotic romance novels, novellas, short stories, poems, this blog etc under. 
Synn Tryst is the girl who your Mother and GrandMother always told you to stay away from because she would corrupte you. Yea she was the orginal “Bad Girl”, the one who wore too short skirts, shirts and blouses that were too tight  and showed off her 36DD’s clevage to perfection, smoked in the girls room between classes, and gave the finger to those teachers who really deserved it, oh yea and would sneak into her parents liqour cabinet and she skipped school on occasion just for the hell of it.
Yes, that is who I wanted to be…kind of… But instead I was the girl in the background always reading a romance novel ALL THE TIME!!!  That was 35 years ago.  I’m still the girl with a romance book in my hand but now it has a more Erotic theme, edge to it. 

I also had started to write my own novels, but then kids, and stress created a medical problem and all of my wrting got shelved for 20+ years.  Now is the time for me to dust off everything, (cough cough, the dust was thick) and have begun again. 
In looking over all of my old stuff, I realize that now I’m a much stronger writer (i.e. BETTER).  Reading all that old stuff, was a great trip down memory lane, I had forgoten about alot of it.  One of the things I came across was my membership in Romance Writers of America  and in researching it now, WOW membership fees have gone up.  May have to wait a while to rejoin.  But I’ve enjoyed going through all of the old stuff, Seeing my entry for the Golden Hearts contest was a shock since I totally forgot all about it.  After rereading my entry glad I didn’t send it in.  My new entry eventually will be much better.  I was happy to see all of my old score sheets from when I JUDGED, yes judged the Golden Medallion Contest way back at the end of the 80’s, just before it was discontinued.  The last year I judged was when all the controvery over that contest was really being voiced.  I thought it was a great contest and enjoyed judging it.  Hey I got free books to read and reveiw.  One of which made it to the final round.  I was also the Treasurer for the Wisconsin Chapter of Romance Writers of America.  I even found all of my old issues of the Romance Report, magazine that RWA sends to its members.  It was fun to see all of the photos of authors from 20+ years ago.  Amazing ladies how we have changed over the years. 

So in the near future I will be posting more stuff and I will be putting up excerpts of current projects.  So be on the look out for them. 
Have a great day!!!
Synn Tryst

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